Monday, 5 December 2016

Its important to plant trees to schools for the future to protect environmental

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

These are orphans  He is given kind, of learning materials to enable them to get the best Education similar to others and otrich organization that recognizes their contribution and support their dreams later in life,Ces orphelins sont donnés Il est en quelque sorte, de matériel d'apprentissage pour leur permettre d'obtenir le meilleur éducation semblable à d'autres et de l'organisation otrich reconnaît leur Plot Cette contribution et soutenir leur Plot rêves plus tard dans la vie,Estos huérfanos se les da él es benigno, de materiales de aprendizaje que les permitan obtener la mejor educación similar a otros y organización otrich reconoce su trama que aporte y apoyan su Parcela sueños más tarde en la vida,

Monday, 7 November 2016

in the provision of education agroforestry as you can see we are raising fish in ponds drilling to increase incomes and tend to earn betterdans la fourniture de l'éducation de l'agroforesterie comme vous pouvez le voir, nous élevons des poissons dans les étangs de forage pour augmenter les revenus et ont tendance à gagner plusen la prestación de la educación agroforestal como se puede ver que estamos planteando peces en estanques de perforación para incrementar los ingresos y tienden a ganar una mejor

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tanzania donate food festival mother and child, Closs root Six Days will be held on 12/23/2016- 29/12/2016 Tanzania- Iringa To Ruaha National park to Kilimanjaro mount from the research that we've made in the education of health (WHO) worldwide and other related organizations contributed to the knowledge of the mother pregnant in order to save the deaths of a mother and child from the lack of a balanced diet containing nutrients once during pregnancy and after childbirth mothers many die for lack of food services and treatment that many children die from lack of health education and the lack of inhabit the best of which comes from the poverty of most of the families in rural and urban areas, in this synergy with the aim of contributing to 100 villages that are poor households, where we have developed the cultivation of vegetables and fruits to help especially pregnant women to help tend the best especially in the villages there three stations orphanage that war has also received support every village should get a rate of 50% for the first installment and for all we need to get $ 100000- $ 150,000 USD So this festival there will be a mating Mount Kilimanjaro for the tourists and the third day to visit the zoo, the Ruaha national park to see different beast if the goal is to contribute to needy families and orphans to feed themselves why contribute there is a great importance of participation will contribute to needy families and orphans, many of whom have no parents and mothers do not have to have their due to the demise of the disease range mainly including HIV and other children Their mother died while children birth due to lack of better service to physicians because stations health are far from their villages and so raise a child who does not have a mother or their father Our vision as an organization help the mother and baby food and education and the cultivation of vegetables and fruits to help poor families and small children tend to Our view each person can contribute anything real help with this poor communities Our goal is to reduce absolute hunger particular problem for poor families in addition to modern methods of food production All who touched I come to contribute so that we can send out statements to know the number of people who will be involved and know many people who hoist Mount Kilimanjaro to perform all procedures in advance to visit the animals wilderness Note This festival preparing eaten by organization of environmental Iringa Protectors that's IEP 00004282 Tanzania Iringa Send a statement of participation Application to attend and also send questions will be answered: Victor S.Mponzi Whatsapp: +255767343032 Call: +255717343032

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Identify cultivation of vegetables and fruits are important to the health of the pregnant woman and the baby so in order to save the life of mother and child should consider tend best to disable these its food important for mother and baby so our organization is supporting inter cropping of fruit and vegetables to save mother's life and a baby, everyone will realize the importance of better health inhabit.Identifier la culture de légumes et de fruits sont importants pour la santé de la femme enceinte et le bébé ainsi afin de sauver la vie de la mère et de l'enfant devrait envisager tendance préférable de désactiver ces aliments sont importants pour la mère et l'enfant que notre organisation a aidé les cultures intercalaires de fruits et légumes pour sauver la vie de la mère et de l'enfant, tout le monde se rendra compte de l'importance de mieux les habite de santé. Identificar el cultivo de hortalizas y frutas son importantes para la salud de la mujer embarazada y el bebé para el fin de salvar la vida de la madre y el niño debe considerar tienden posible para desactivar estos alimentos son importantes para la madre y el niño que nuestra organización ha ayudado intercalado de frutas y hortalizas con el fin de ahorrar la vida de la madre y el niño, todo el mundo se dará cuenta de la importancia de mejorar la salud habite